About Us

About Us

The Accounting Crew brings you a fresh, personal, and highly-energized approach.

We're passionate about helping freelancers because we have the same spirit of entrepreneurial adventure as you do. 

Our roots in this niche go back to 1999, and we've been providing accounting, administrative, and business set-up services for freelancers ever since. The difference is, we do it with a personal touch.

With The Accounting Crew, you always get to speak to a real, live accountant. Not necessarily in our offices either - we'll come to you if we need to. Our aim is to come alongside you as a true partner in your business venture. There's nothing more thrilling for us than watching you grow more than you imagined.

If you're ready for a unique breed of accountants who will help you avoid tax surprises ... stay updated on tax changes ... and keep your fees fixed ... we'd love to talk.

We're not like the other guys, and our clients tell us that's a good thing.

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