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Want a mortgage based on your contract rate alone?

Discovering that lenders do not understand your status as a contractor? 

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We have teamed up with specialist contractor mortgage broker Contractor Mortgages Made Easy (CMME) to offer mortgages based on your contract earnings. 

In the past clients have told us of their disappointment when they have approached their bank or a lender direct for mortgage funding. This is often down to the lender not understanding how contractors are paid and not realising that contractors are often a lower risk compared to many permanent employees. 

CMME have agreed bespoke underwriting with many High Street lenders allowing contractors to borrow based on their full contract earnings. 

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  • Mortgages Based on Your Contract Rate
  • Bespoke Underwriting for Contractors
  • Mortgages at High Street Rates
  • Access to the whole of the market

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