About Us

About Us

Going Green

Doing our small part to help the planet

Are we the experts on the environment? No, but we believe in being good stewards of what we have.

It's all part of our overall philosophy here at The Accounting Crew.

We're redefining excellence in the way we provide accounting services to freelance business owners like you. We're redefining excellence in the way we give back to people and organizations we're passionate about. And we're redefining excellence in the way we take care of our resources.

Call it a big-picture purpose or a long-term mission. We just call it "doing what seems right."

From everyday things like not printing off emails and documents that can be stored electronically, to big things like employing locally-based staff whenever possible (to minimise commuting and energy costs), we're doing what we can to "be green."

Here are a few other ways we're saving energy and resources:

  • Investing in technology like video conferencing and Internet-based video calls to reducing business meeting travel.
  • Combining multiple client visits on a single journey (since we still do things the old fashioned way and actually sit down with you face-to-face). When we go further than 30 miles, our objective is to see more than one client, even if it means late hours.
  • Encouraging car share and public transport for our employees.
  • Re-using scrap paper (don't worry - all paper containing personal information is shredded, of course).
  • Recycling shredded paper, cardboard, plastics, and ink cartridges.
  • Researching our suppliers to make sure their company environmental policies align with ours.
  • Turning off computers, monitors, lights, air-conditioning and anything else that runs on electricity whenever possible.
  • Allowing our staff to work at home two days a month. It's a small thing that adds up to big energy savings over time.

This is just a start. At The Accounting Crew, we'll always be looking for ways to run an efficient, sustainable business that puts people and conservation above profits.

Besides helping organizations and the environment, we also take a unique approach to developing our business. We want input from the most important person of all - YOU. Read about our Client Representative Panel (CRP) here.

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