Key Dates and Deadlines

Payment Dates
Income Tax (including Class 4 NIC)
31 July 2015 2014/15 second payment on account
31 January 2016 2014/15 balancing payment, and
2015/16 first payment on account
31 July 2016 2015/16 second payment on account
31 January 2017 2015/16 balancing payment, and
2016/17 first payment on account
Class 1A NICs
19 July 2015 2014/15 payment due
Capital Gains Tax
31 January 2016 2014/15 Capital Gains Tax
31 January 2017 2015/16 Capital Gains Tax
Corporation Tax
9 months and one day after the end of the accounting period (or by quarterly instalments if large company)
Inheritance Tax
6 months after the end of the month of death.
For chargeable lifetime transfers, due date is six months after the end of the month in which the transfer was made.
Latest Filing/Issuing Deadlines - 2014/15 PAYE Returns
31 May 2015 Issue P60s to employees.
6 July 2015 P9D, P11D and P11Db - also issue copies to employees
Form 42 (reporting of employment-related securities)
2015 Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR)
31 October 2015 Last filing date - SATR Paper Version
30 December 2015 SATR Online if outstanding tax (subject to cap) to be included in 2016/17 PAYE code
31 January 2016 Last filing date - SATR Online

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