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Are you caught in the freelancer's dilemma?

Ahhh ... the life of a freelancer with your own limited company. Freedom, your own creative endeavour, and piles of cash to roll around in ... well, at least on your way to that picture, right?

If you're like a lot of business owners and freelancers we talk to, however, you might have overlooked one small thing in your zeal to go after your dream. That's right. No more significant (and often essential) benefits such as a pension and life insurance.

And here's the dilemma. "Do I put money back into my company to help it grow, or do I set up a pension plan and take care of my own benefits?" For some freelancers, it really is an "either-or" scenario.

Good news: You can do both, and you should.

Our speciality is looking after your business from an accounting point of view. That's why we've teamed up with Oaklands Wealth Management and Helen Blackburn, their Managing Director. Our partnership with Helen and Oaklands Wealth Management goes way back, in fact, she handles the personal financial planning for each of us here at The Accounting Crew. She's extremely knowledgeable, precise, and personable - kind of like us. Perhaps that's why we like her so much.

You'll be in good hands as Helen helps you navigate the minefield of personal pensions through your limited company, SIPP's, Lump Sum contributions, cleaning up past pension schemes in your name, and more.

If you'd like to chat to Helen and get her expert opinion, please speak to your Crew accountant or email us and we'll touch base with her on your behalf.

You don't have to choose between growing your business and planning for your future. Do both, and let Helen help you.

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What our clients say...

Through sheer coincidence I found The Crew in mid-2014. I wish this had happened years ago. They have improved my experience of accounting relationships, reduced my costs, and continue to patiently deal with my lack of accounting acumen when reviewing my records. I feel like I am now going into a new financial year on a much stronger footing. Couldn’t recommend The Crew enough."