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Contractors, consultants, and freelancers get more time to focus on what they are good at knowing their accounting and tax is effectively managed by professionals they can trust.

Entrepreneurs We Guide

We have extensive experience working with all types of individual entrepreneurs.




You’re in the right place, because we are expert contractor accounting professionals who understand the need for simple, straightforward and practical advice.

It's Sometimes Challenging On Your Own

There are many positives to working for yourself. But it can also be challenging, especially when it comes to accounting and tax. This can seem daunting at times...

You've worked hard to gain the skills and experience to enable you to go on your own and start your own business. You can’t afford to be confused, worried or uncertain about effectively managing your accounting and tax.

Every entrepreneur deserves an accountant who will enable their ambitions

Choosing to work with The Accounting Crew will give you peace-of-mind about your company accounting and tax.

Certainty your accounting and tax structuring, obligations, and submissions

More time to focus on what really matters, while having peace of mind

Clarity on how to manage your finances efficiently, accurately, and easily

Comfort knowing that all your tax obligations are proactively managed

We enable you to grow your confidence about managing your business and empower you to chase your ambitions in your business and in your life.

We Give You More Time To Do What You Do Best

We know time is a vital resource for you, so we tailor your solution to include just the services you need right now to keep you on track.

Company & Tax Compliance

We manage all your tax submissions, year-end accounts and corporations tax, VAT completion, personal self-assessments and personal tax returns for directors and partners. We also deal will all HMRC correspondence and manage your tax calendar with reminders of key deadlines in advance.

Accounting, Payroll and Bookkeeping

We take care of your annual preparation and submission of company accounts, manage payroll and auto-enrollment pension compliance, provide advice on appropriate tax and income structuring, deliver efficient bookkeeping services, generate monthly reports, manage your tax calendar with proactive reminders, and hold quarterly review sessions to ensure you stay on track.

Financial Consulting & Advisory

There may come a time when you want to grow and scale your business. Our consulting and advisory services analyse your business structuring, cash flow, financing arrangements and tax to help you make informed decisions. In essence, we become your financial director, helping you to achieve your ambitions for your business.

When you choose to work with The Accounting Crew you get

Fully accredited and qualified team of accountants and tax specialists

Your own dedicated personal accountant who works with you and is invested in your success

Discounted rates on software to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere and on any device

We guarantee to save you admin, stress, and money, while giving you more certainty, confidence and insight into your business.

Tailored, Flexible and Affordable Pricing

We understand your desire to keep the costs of running your business as low as possible. That’s why we only give you the services you need to efficiently manage your tax obligations and structure your accounting requirements.
Our services start as low as £40 per month and scale with you based on what you need to meet your tax obligations and manage your accounting effectively so you are free up to do what you do best.

Your Affordability Guarantee

We understand managing your business expenses is critical to your success, so we aim to keep your monthly running costs as low as possible. That’s why we offer you our Affordability Guarantee.

We will match or beat any
current or new subscription
for monthly services

* Our Affordability Guarantee is strictly based on a like-for-like analysis of current or quoted services. Documented proof is required for all existing or quoted monthly subscription fees. The Affordability Guarantee is only applicable to UK based companies. 

You and your business always come first, because we succeed when you succeed.

Here's How to Get Started

We make it really easy to get started with us so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Step 1

Reach Out

Reach out via web, email, or call and we’ll schedule meeting to discuss your needs.

Step 2

Design Your Plan

We’ll meet with you to discuss what accounting and tax issues are causing frustration and taking up your time.

Step 3

Get Peace-of-Mind

Feel relief knowing your personal accountant is taking care of all your accounting and tax needs.

Don’t want to wait? Call us now on 0203 859 6188

Here’s what Entrepreneurs, just like you, are saying about us

"I knew that the guys (and gals!) at the Crew were different from the very first telephone contact I had with Rowan! So, what do they do that is so special? They listen! They take the time to get to know you and your business. They educate you! While I have no inclination to study accountancy I like to understand what's going on, I like to ask questions and Rowan is always happy to clarify things for me. They understand what being a contractor means. The ups and ...the downs!"

Tatiana Pelizzon

"I have been an IT Consultant since 2006 and I have been to different accountancy firms. The best choice I have ever made is to use The Account Crew. Every time I send an email, someone replies within the hour. I was working in a different country recently and my wife called to say that a letter had arrived from HMRC. My wife scanned it and sent it to me. I read the letter and said to myself, I'll call The Accounting Crew tomorrow. No sooner had I logged in, The Accounting Crew had already informed me about the HMRC letter and told me not to be too concerned. The Accounting Crew is a company that I and I know that anyone who joins then can TRUST without doubt."

Raj Caussy

"The Accounting Crew have provided me with a friendly, professional and efficient service. They are always on hand to answer any questions, ad hoc requests and provide advice where needed, for both my personal and business financial requirements. They are always on hand and I never have any trouble getting hold of them. I always feel that I receive a personal service and I cant recommend them highly enough."

Theo Christofides

"The Crew are by far the best accountants I have experienced in my time as a contractor. They provide a really personal service and are always quick to respond to any queries, even at the weekend! Their book keeping tools are simple and effective and they're even flexible enough to let you use other packages if you choose to. All this plus really competitive pricing; I could not be happier with the service I've had from the Crew."

JP Halewood

Coffee’s on Us, Let’s Have a Chat…

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you establish your company, manage your accounting and tax, and optimise your business, please get in touch. We’d love to have a a cup of coffee with you to talk about your ambitions and your future.

Great Software Helps to be More Efficient

We are committed to working smarter. We use the latest software and technology to power our services.

Dedicated Client Portal Access

Access to your our online, cloud based client portal to manage your personal and business accounts and tax

FreeAgent Software Licence

Discounted monthly subscription licence to your own FreeAgent software - award winning, cloud based accounting software

These platforms give you a safe and secure place to collaborate with your personal accountant to effectively manage your company accounts, stay on track and save time.

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